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Job Information

CURTIS Sewer/ Processor in Las Vegas, Nevada

Job Description

This position is responsible for repairing, altering and adding accessory items to personal protective ensemble elements. It may also include contributing to the production of finished goods such as letter patches, hose straps, shrouds, gear bags and other items. This position is also responsible for processing, inspecting, and laundering personal protective ensemble elements. It also includes data entry and shipping and receiving.

Duties and Responsibilities to include:

  • Sew utilizing all available industrial sewing machines.

  • Follow established patterns and specifications, as well as create new patterns and specifications as necessary.

  • Sort, organize, inspect and launder personal protective ensemble elements.

  • Data entry including, but not limited to element information, order entry, work performed, customer information, shipping details, etc.

  • Follow established processes and procedures.

  • Learn NFPA 1851 and other industry standards and how they relate to our processes and procedures.

  • Learn and pass manufacturer and industry training.

  • Work within defined schedules and deadlines.

  • Perform repairs and alterations, and add accessory items to personal protective ensemble elements.

  • Remove and install patches on uniforms.

  • Alter sizing on uniforms.

  • Contribute to the production of finished goods such as letter patches, hose straps, shrouds, gear bags and other items.

  • Use handheld hardware and tools as necessary.

  • Operate cleaning and testing equipment as necessary.

  • Shipping and receiving.

  • Maintain accurate shipping and receiving logs.

  • Maintain accurate sewing logs.

  • Assist with the check-in of new fabric, materials, hardware, etc.

  • Assist with material inventory counts.

  • Maintain a well-organized and clean personal work space.

  • Maintain well-organized and clean shared work spaces.

  • Communicate with sewing lead and/or facility manager to reorder materials and supplies.

  • Assist with facility cleaning.

  • Cooperate and share information with team members and other ECMS facilities.

  • Continuously educate yourself.

  • Be curious.

  • Be passionate.

  • Participate in, and contribute to, group projects.

  • Train team members as directed by the facility manager.

  • Provide support to the processing department as necessary.

  • Other duties as assigned by management to address and provide effective support of company mission, values and goals.

Pre-requisite Core Competencies

  • Prior work history with heavy fabric and hardware.

  • Ability to follow established patterns and specifications.

  • Sewing machine operation.

  • Capable of following established processes and procedures.

  • Capable of performing data entry accurately and timely.

  • Capable of lifting and handling elements that can weigh up to 10 pounds each.

  • Capable of lifting and handling packages and other items that can weigh over 50 pounds each.

  • Willingness to learn and be flexible.

  • Strong Work Ethic.

  • Proven attention to detail.

  • Self-starter with willingness to do whatever is necessary to support the team.

  • Demonstrated good judgement and a high degree of integrity.

  • A history of continuing professional and personal development.

Desired Skills & Experience

  • Sewing experience on various industrial sewing machines.

  • Work history in an environment where meeting quick turnaround times is extremely important.

  • Experience with Microsoft Office Suite; Outlook, Excel and Word.

  • Knowledge and experience with various fabrics and materials used for personal protective ensemble elements.

Skills Required

  • Strong sewing ability.

  • Strong attention to detail and consistency.

  • Able to speak, read, write and comprehend English.

  • Strong organizational skills.

  • Team oriented and respectful.

  • Strong attention to detail.

Experience Required

  • Sewing experience.

  • Data entry work history.

Experience Preferred

  • Experience with various industrial sewing machines.

  • Pattern creation.

  • Alterations using heavy fabrics.

  • Sewing finished goods.

  • Shipping and receiving.

  • Inspection and laundering of clothing.